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I try not to write about or think too much about my classes, since it only seems to anger me these days, but I feel today warrants it.

In my first class, the professor, after arriving ten minutes late, started the class with a fascinating bit on simulation and Gelernter’s work. Then he said it was back to the dry material we had to cover for the class. He actually used the term “dry.” He admitted to us that the material we were covering, and have been covering, and will be covering, is dry and boring. And we just have to deal with it.

In the next class, the professor, after a few questions about the assumptions he was making concerning the binary search trees he was discussing, finally said “just leave me alone about that.” The class laughed. Ha ha. Rather than dealing with questions, it’s much better to just hand-wave and move on, right?

Somehow I don’t think “leave me alone about that” is going to be an acceptable response to questions on the midterm, and I’m sure I’m not learning anything from that response, so it doesn’t seem like that was such a great response, at least from my perspective. In fact, it sort of bothers me. Just a little. <!–

also, the ta’s passed back the first problem set. you’d think in a class about designing efficient algorithms, they’d have a better strategy for handing back problem sets than the “everyone mob the TA and grab at the stack” one. but no. they didn’t. morons.

also, i swear to fucking god, i got marked off on one of the problems for making assumptions about one of the data structures. fucking bastards.

–> On a more positive note, my friends never cease to amaze me.

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