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A Plan

I’ve recently learned that everyone’s favorite mp3 player, Winamp, automatically opens its little “minibrowser” window up to any url that is present in the id3 comment tag. (1)

This may be old news to the rest of the world, but I’ve just found out about this. (Inadvertently, after trying to figure out why my Ralph Nader - Countdown remix kept opening up the browser to votenader every time I played it.)

So. I have a plan. Unlike most of my plans, this one does not involve donuts.

  1. Write a brilliant, catchy, adammathes brand theme song. (Concept: Black Flag meets Black Sabbath with Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley as the vocalist, remixed by Digweed)

  2. Add ^/ to the comment tag of the mp3.

  3. Release mp3 to a few choice people. (There is no cabal.)

  4. Power of the meme leads to millions of people downloading the song.

  5. While listening to the aural genius that is adammathes, millions experience the literary genius that is, creating a massive army of intensely loyal fans.

  6. Movie, book, and record deals result. Fame, fortune, follows. (And screaming teenage girl fans, don’t forget the screaming teeny bopper fans.)

  7. The entire world realizes that I am a super genius, and always right about everything. I am soon crowned king of the world.

  8. At my acceptance speech, I say, “I owe it all to Justin Frankel.”

1. If you’re curious, right click on any mp3 in your winamp playlist, select file info, then set the comment to ^/

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