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Like Clockwork

It happens like clockwork. Every year, right in the middle of May, I totally lose interest in school.

I don’t think I’m alone in that.

But for most college kids, this coincides with school ending. I, however, have another month before the end of my junior year, so losing interest is a bad thing.

It’s one of the real problems with going to school in California: the summer is just too nice and comes too early. I look outside, it’s 85 degrees and sunny, and I can’t do work when the weather is like that.

Not that I want to go outside or do anything physical, it just somehow seems wrong to be working when it’s that nice out.

And I’m losing interst in writing things.

Maybe I should take a writing break. A vacation, if you will.

Not that ceasing to write stupid little unedited three paragraph snippets is really much of a vacation.

Well, and I’m already being called a “lazy ass” for contemplating going to sleep instead of writing this. So, I will continue to produce meaningless dribble. That’s a promise, from me, to you.

Oh, not now. Later. I’ll continue producing meanginless dribble later.

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