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As I do quite often, I’ve fucked up.

Currently, I have no job or housing for the summer.

A brief checklist of things that I need for the summer:

  1. job
  2. chips and salsa
  3. housing

Right now, I’m not sure I can swing the chips and salsa. I mean, it’s possible, but no guarantees.

Ok, so I probably could find a job here for the summer, and I probably could find ridiculously overpriced, crappy housing here, if I really, really tried.

I don’t seem to have a lot of motivation. My heart just isn’t in kissing ass to a bunch of businesses doing things I don’t care about so that I can work my ass off at some job that I’m uninterested in for two and a half months at crappy intern wages and then spend every penny I earn on rent for some tiny, tiny little itty bitty room because it’s Palo Alto.

Maybe I’m being too cynical. Maybe I’m just lazy.

Ok, scratch that. I am cynical, and I am lazy, but I think I have a point regardless.

That point is this is my last summer to fuck around and not have any serious cares or responsiblity. I’m probably going to working in the IT business the rest of my life. This is the summer before my senior year of college.

I should obviously not get another high tech computer science related summer job.

This conclusion, however, is not shared by my father.

So I have to make sure I’m not actually at my parents’ house a lot. Which seems to sort of present a difficulty since I have no job and no housing.

Which leads to the obvious solution. Instead of toiling away at some pointless high tech internship, I should travel around this fine country, taking photographs, writing, and seeing people and things I would not otherwise be able to see.

Checklist of things that I need to travel around the country for the summer:

  1. car
  2. chips and salsa
  3. friends (who will let me sleep on their couches)

So, again, I’m sort of back where I was before.

I guess there’s always summer school.

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