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An Unveiling, of Sorts

This was supposed to be the punchline to yesterday’s Metafilter jab. Consider it a delayed punchline. I give you (drumroll please)… webarrefic discussionney board

Just what every site needs: a pointless web discussion board.

All my own code. Very simple. Like you care, I know.

Now, some of my friends, like ben and andy “talentless hack” pressman have discussion boards and comment systems.

This will be different from theirs in that I have rules, which I will enforce with an iron fist.

The rules are as follows:

  • don’t be stupid

Ok, so it’s just that one rule. And actually, it’s more like, try not to be stupid

(Actually, I stole that from my favorite message board, but I’m pretty sure that the crossover between that site and my site consists entirely of me.)

I’m not entirely sure of the direction I want it to go in. In the short term, I’m vaguely planning on using it as a replacement for the short-lived adamatic project, which is to say it will house stupid links and bits of conversations.

But it’s you, oh wonderful readrers, who will decide what direction it takes.

Unless your direction is stupid, in which case I will re-plot a course.

Anyway, is this whole thing a total fucking waste of time? Just an attempt to get people to stroke my ego? Or is to prove my readers are substantially better than Pressman’s? Or is it just something I will end up shutting down in an attempt to emulate Lance? Discuss.

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