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A mid-afternoon entry for a change.

I met Annie and Daniel on Saturday.

Annie is beyond cute. I think it’s at least partially due to the freckles. We watched Powerpuff Girls cartoons. Because I’m a big dork.

Daniel is the first (and most likely, only) person to ever follow up his introduction by casually mentioning the desires of a girl to marry me. Oh, those crazy internet kids these days.

Since Daniel, like me, is from Chicago, and is going to be a freshman here next year studying computer science, you’d think maybe I’d have some sort of mentorish-sage-like advice. But it turns out the best advice to college-bound students I could come up with is pretty useless. Sorry about that. Besides, Daniel seems to have his shit together.

Also, holy crap I’m old. When did that happen?

Turning twenty-one sucks. There is no legal definition under which I’m not considered an adult.

And now I have to worry about getting a job for the summer, and housing, and food, and bills, and all those “real life” things I’ve been so carefully avoiding.

It’s rather frightening that this is my last real summer vacation. Next summer I’ll have graduated. Summer won’t be a vacation as much as it’ll be a find-a-job-find-an-apartment-ignore-sinking-feeling-that-I’ve-wasted-four years-of-my-life-while-generally-feeling-alone-in-the-world-and-disillusioned-about-the-future sort of thing.

I’m starting to consider traveling for the summer.

I would rather just sit in my parents’ backyard, reading books by the pool, sipping lemonade, working on personal software projects, finish the damned comic I’ve been writing for years, maybe write some fiction, but my parents are still sort of upset over the last summer I spent unemployed.

Not that I blame them.

Also, someone please post to the discuss board. I think it’s served as Kathryn’s Sesame Street style counting project long enough.

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