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The good news is that I got the house manager job at Narnia I was so desperately hoping for.

The bad news is that I had to observe four hours of horrendous group interviews. Two two-hour sessions. Oi.

The Row Houses at Stanford each have a house staff, and that house staff chooses the Resident Assistant (RA.) (Unlike the dorms, where the Resident Fellows choose the RA.) These group interviews are pretty pointless - they are simply an opportunity to weed out some of the people from the process before individual interviews with house staff. This is the first year that house staff were present for group interviews, normally it is just done by the people in charge of the Row offices, but due to complaints students now are involved in this first weeding process.

So this is an opportunity for the house staff members to observe the RA applicants. It was run in such a way that there needed to be a consensus amongst the dozen or so observers to remove someone from the process.

Apparently my view of who would make a terrible RA doesn’t seem to coincide with the rest of Stanford’s.

I had many disagreements, but the one that really sticks out in my mind is a woman who described herself, literally, I’m not kidding here, as a “feminazi” with a passion for women’s issues. At one point said she would get into very heated discussions for hours about it. And “had to win the arguments” she got into.

At the end of the cheezy group interview, the observers are supposed to discuss, and see if there is consensus to remove anyone from the process. I, of course, said that I was a little worried about a self-described “feminazi” as an RA, and I was more worried she has to “win” arguments. This is not the sort of person I would want to work with as a manager, nor is it someone I would want as my RA from a resident perspective.

Amazingly, I was shot down. Repeatedly. By multiple people. Who defended her with comments like how the feminazi comment must not have been meant in a “bad” since she was comfortable with it, and how it was all “ok’ because later on she said described herself as a “good listener.”

What a crock of shit.

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