by adam mathes
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Tonight was my interview for Narnia staff.

I lived in Narnia two years ago and applied to be on staff then. I failed miserably.

This was because the house staff completely hated me.

The low point was when I made a joke about how a primary responsibility of the house manager was keeping track of the vacuum, and that was something I think I could handle. The current house manager never knew where the vacuum was. It was really annoying.

My humor was not appreciated in either the application or the interview.

My view, as always, was hey, fuck em if they can’t take a joke.

This view, however, did not help me get a staff position. Meanwhile, of the three other people in my drawgroup, two got staff positions and the third, my then roommate, ditched me when it came time to draw for next year.

But this year, I think things went a little better in the interview.

The old Mathes charm, you know.

No, it exists. I swear.

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