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The Pen

Sometimes I think if I had to do it all over again I’d be a classics major.

My Latin class has less than a dozen students, all of whom actually want to be in that class. The teacher knows our names. We always get written comments from him on our weekly quizzes, and personalized progress reports on our midterms.

This is completely unlike the computer science courses that make up the bulk of my education. These typically have around seventy-five students, most of whom hate the class and are taking the course because it is required. Feedback is primarily emailed grade reports, which are mostly generated by scripts that test programming projects submitted electronically.

Classics majors get summer trips to Europe sponsored by the department.

All computer science majors get is a pen.

And it’s not even a good pen, it’s just a standard Bic with “COMPUTER SCIENCE DEPARTMENT STANFORD UNIVERSITY” printed on it. We’re supposed to be computer scientists, what the hell do we need a pen for anyway?

Well, and we can get jobs after graduating. There is that.

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