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The Vertex

Monday Yuping and I (though to be honest, it was mostly Yuping) finished PP3 for CS143.

PP3 is Programming Project 3. CS143 is Introduction to Compilers.

PP3 is implementing the semantic analysis phase of the compilation process.

It is complicated and difficult.

But now, it is done.

Normally, finishing a programming assignment is not a big deal, but I feel like this one should give me some amount of satisfaction.

PP3 is supposedly the most difficult part of CS143, there aren’t many assignments after this and they are all easier.

After this class, I only have one more required course that involves any serious amount of programming, and it’s not considered a particularly difficult course. (However, my senior project will probably also have a substantial programming aspect, but that will be for a project I design myself and actually want to do. I have eight courses after this quarter required to complete my major, half of which I’m completely uninterested in.)

This was probably the last really difficult programming project of my undergraduate career.

I just wish I felt some sense of accomplishment.

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