by adam mathes
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Post-Finals Glow

[Last of finals week backlog, day four.]

When most people finish finals, they have a profound happiness and glow about them. When someone asks if you are “done,” if they can see you it’s nothing more than a formality. It’s obvious.

Unless you’re me.

I have no post-finals glow. I just stay at that same level of undirected increased hatred towards the universe due to final exams.

But this time, I finished my last final, and I realized it was probably the last computer science final I will ever take in my life. After some In-N-Out burgers, I almost actually felt ok.

I leaned back, and almost, a little, felt a bit of a sense of accomplishment.

And it was right then, just as I was staring to almost crack a smile that no one else would ever see, that I heard the little “uhoh” of ICQ.

I will say this for her, she does have an impeccable sense of timing.

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