by adam mathes
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First a brief announcement:

Happy birthday, Kathryn!

Now, back to the regularly scheduled daily entry.

[Finals week backlog, day one.]

“The thing is, even after the fact he was completely unaware of the comedy value and hypocrisy in a belligerent house staff member drunkenly screaming obscenities at a resident about how shrooming is not an acceptable excuse to do things like take a pool ball and hide it in somebody’s room, when it seems kind of obvious that being drunk isn’t an excuse to do things like screaming obscenities at a resident when you’re on staff. And since he’s underage, his drinking is just as illegal as her mushrooms.”

“Well, not quite as illegal.”

“Also, if he’s going to whine seriously about how the ‘tiny, tiny penis’ jokes are emasculating and genuinely bother him and need to be completely off limits, then I am going to fucking fly off the handle any and every time I hear him call anybody a ‘pussy,’ since that’s even more emasculating. I mean, at least we’re admitting that he has a penis.”

“Just a tiny, tiny one.”


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