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I’m taking finals.

Talk amongst yourselves.

the little blue robot means chatty chatt!

I just couldn’t resist. It’s the cutest chat program ever.

I’ll give you a prompt.

“Adam Bryan Mathes is a man of many contradictions.

He is right about everything, and yet does everything entirely wrong. He makes derisive comments about hippies, but looks like he belongs at a 60’s peace rally. He is a computer science major, but hates computer science classes. He is listed as a regular contributor to Über, but has not written anything for the webzine in months. He has many times been referred to as witty, but has failed to ever say anything remotely clever around a girl. He goes to Stanford, a school universally loved by its students and alumni, but hates college. He claims to have Charlie Brown syndrome, but has not once made a sincere effort to kiss the cute little red-headed girl.

Why does Adam Bryan Mathes embody so many contradictions, and what the hell is wrong with him?”

All responses given in the chat room or discussion board will be read eventually, and the best responses will be considered for publication.

For those interested, here is this week’s schedule:

December 10-13: finals, finals, finals.

December 14: leave for winter break. Eat Superdawg. Play Gamecube. Collapse.

Upcoming on trenchant dot org: quarter in review, or “what I really learned in my classes this quarter.”

Also upcoming: much ado about the Gamecube, because it will basically be the focus of my existence for the next month.

Upcoming in the relatively near future: me using this space in a vain attempt to find employment as graduation looms ever closer.

Upcoming much closer that I can possibly imagine: graduation.

After that: the great wide open.

trenchant dot org daily will return December 17.

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