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Still Applicable

This one of many dialogues I wrote a few years ago for a comic strip I never got around to making. A is Adum, who was in no way, shape or form my alter-ego. B is Beeto, Adum’s imaginary friend, which purely coincedentally was the name of my imaginary friend growing up.

This strip was about the beginning of Adum’s sophomore year of college (which was of course, nothing like the beginning of my sophomore year.)

Like all of them, it’s too long.

A: Ahhh, finally some peace and quiet. [off panel B Thanks Panthro! Take it easy. Walks into room]

B: Shit, what the hell is on the walls here?

A: Hi. Nice to see you too. Sailor Moon posters are on the wall. How was your trip?

B: It sucked. I was hitchhiking, but once I got to Missouri, I saw my old pal Panthro in the Thundertank and he gave me a lift out here.

A: Panthro? The Thundercat?

B: No, the OTHER Panthro that drives a Thundertank. You fucking idiot. It was pretty cool. The Thundercats and I go way back.

A: Really? Do you know if Lion-O was banging Cheetara?

B: No, Tigra was. Didn’t you watch the show? It was obvious. But seriously, what the hell is with all these Sailor Moon posters? You’re going to be 20. This is a college dorm room. These anime girls are barely clothed.

A: They’re clothed. The posters are colorful. They’re fun. I like Sailor Moon.

B: Ummm… right.

A: It’s like an upfront statement that I’m never going to get a girlfriend this year.

B: But I thought that’s what all those Battlemech toys on your desk said.

A: No, the Battlemech toys say “adum is cool.”

B: And the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends videos?

A: I couldn’t bear to leave them at home this year. I mean, what if I want to see the origin of the SpiderFriends again?

B: It’s going to be another banner year, isn’t it?

A: Yup, I can feel it.

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