by adam mathes
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Revenge of the Robots II

From August 28, 2001 -

am: so how’s the research? are they kicking you out to england yet?

hs: nope, but we did get fertilization

hs: its really kinda scary

am: wait, you got fertilization?

am: you really are growing babies in test tubes!

am: you whore

hs: not babies yet

hs: embryos

hs: supposedly

hs: that’s what someone in the other lab did

am: not your lab?

hs: the lab we’re working with

am: but. the point is. you are going to be personally responsible for the clone wars that destroy humanity

am: and eventually leave robots in charge

am: that’s all you

hs: and not a dime to my name

hs: damnit

hs: the least i could do is sell out

am: you academics lack vision

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