by adam mathes
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After years of saying I would, and not, this year I am finally dressing up as Jesus for halloween.

My super-friends on staff are also dressing up. The common thread turned out to be “offend at least 20% of the community with your costume.” Amazingly, this happened without any coordination on our parts.

A Chinese Communist revoluationary leader, and a child molestor, and Jesus.

We’re like a fucked-up A-Team. [1]

No, actually, we’re just getting far too old to dress up for Halloween. This is why Halloween dress up is for kids. Once you get old, you have way too much fun with it. But not in a healthy way.

  1. I stole that from Dave Attell. It’s Friday. I should’ve written Filler, but instead, all you get are recycled jokes that I didn’t even come up with, that aren’t really even applicable. Wow, sucks to be you today.

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