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This weekend was some alumni event. People who lived in Narnia thirty years ago, long before it was called Narnia, stopped by Friday night, and I learned some interesting things from them.

These things may or may not be true.

The study room used to be the tv room.

The little garden in the center of our courtyard used to be a little “hot water hole,” but apparently they threw one too many women in there, and so the university eventually filled it up with soil and planted things there.

Facilities recently made me remove a kiddie pool from the courtyard since it was deemed too dangerous, even though and we have fountains all over campus that are deeper and unlike my kiddie pool, actually filled with water. Things never change.

Also, apparently, John F. Kennedy used to hang out here when he was a graduate student at Stanford. That was about fifty years ago, 1941 according to biographical information I scrounged up.

I’m pretty sure fifty years from now people will say things like that that about me. “Hey, you know, Adam B. Mathes used to live here!”

And they’ll put little velvet ropes around my room, and there will be a plaque above the door.

Or not.

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