by adam mathes
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Robbing The Future

I believe that copy protection will break the chain necessary to preserve creative works. It will make them readable for a limited period of time and not be able to be moved ahead as media deteriorates or technologies change. Only those works that are thought to be profitable at any given time will be preserved by their ‘owners’ (if they are still in business). We know from history that what’s popular at any given time is no certain indication of what will be valuable in the future. Without not-copy protected ‘originals’, archivists, collectors, and preservers will be unable to maintain them the way they would if they weren’t protected. (Many of these preservers ignore fashion as they do their job, because they see their role as preservers not filters.) We won’t even be able to read media in obsolete formats, because the specifications of those formats will not be available. To create a ‘Rosetta Stone’ of today’s new formats will be asking to go to jail and having your work banned.

Dan Bricklin, Copy Protection Robs The Future

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